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Join change makers in mixed & virtual reality as we solve some of the globe's most pressing issues. Bridging the gap between social media and meeting face to face, Imaginit TV will enable users to interact with others who share similar interests and come together to achieve mutual goals. We combine MR:VR technology with online communities to open entirely new worlds for exploration, socializing, entertainment, and changing the way we interact virtually. In order to develop this immersive, groundbreaking platform, we are hosting a Token Generating Event and we invite you to take part.

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Token Distribution

Token DistributionPie Chart

Blue TGE Participants 30%
Orange Future Usage 30%
Gray Seed Round 15%
Yellow Team 25%
Founders* 7.5%
Advisors* 7.5%
Employees/Consultants* 10.0%
*Time-Locked (Days) 180 Days

Use of Funds

Use Of Funds Use of Funds Pie Chart

Purple Development/Acquisitions 35%
Blue Sales and Marketing 30%
Green Operations 20%
Black Professionals - Legal, Accounting 15%



May / June 2018

Independent review of White Paper and concept
July 2018 - August 2018
Token dashboard
Independent audit of smart contracts
September / October2018
Membership acquisition
Establish vendor alliances

Implementation of the advertising system
November / December 2018
Advertising campaign manager module
Imaginit TV Developer Toolkit
January 2019
Imaginit TV API
Machine learning integration
Connect with advertisers
February 28th, 2019
Token generating event (TGE/ICO)
March 2019
GlobalGoID application tested and integrated
April 2019
Virtual World Portal creation including UniverCity
Testing of all system components for integration
May 2019
First members interact at Imaginit TV

Why Imaginit TV

Individuals, businesses, and educational institutes will be able to bring people together for open communication and in-depth interactions and activities. Imaginit TV provides the context for this technological revolution to take place.

The market is a lucrative one. Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs Research “expects the virtual and augmented reality sector to be worth $80 billion by 2025”.

Not only do content creators ‘own’ their own content, but they also benefit from advertising and sponsorship dollars, paid out in Lava.

Our security protocols ensure rights of privacy, content ownership and safety. Imagine saving time, money and energy, increasing efficiency for your business. It’s better for the environment too!

Meet around the world in the comfort of your home or office. Train and engage in real time in Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. It’s even better than in person as you can manipulate objects and ideas together, making changes and improvements in the moment.

Imaginit TV brings you efficiency, cost savings, security, privacy, an immutable record of transactions, swift agile currentC (LAVA) transfers, and smart contracts requiring no intermediaries to make accurate enforceable agreements between parties.

Who Benefits?

Imaginit TV provides Portals for Individuals (Hosts), Public Sector, Educational Institutions, and Enterprise.

Licenses are available for Corporate, Education, and Government access.


The Power Behind Imaginit TV

Imaginit TV Presents:

GlobalGoID, a new digital ID that uses blockchain technology to create a range of secure digital services for tomorrow’s world, which can be used by anyone at any time, anywhere, including providing access to Imaginit TV’s virtual worlds for social MR:VR experiences and communication.

GlobalGoID enables swift agile transactions between others using Lava Tokens.

Built on Blockchain Technology, Imaginit TV offers:



Smart Contracts

Cryptocurrency: LAVA

Swift, Agile Transactions

Payment Systems

Shared Messaging Revenue

Rights protection

Utilizing blockchain technology, rights function as a public database, or distributed ledger, to account for all goods and transactions on the network. This has direct applications to content, which can be timestamped and stored with a unique ID. Once this information saved, it's virtually unchangeable. Transparency is thus one of the biggest benefits of this system. The rights to a particular piece of content can be seen by everyone participating on the blockchain network, rather than stored on a stand-alone server owned by, for example, a record label or copyrights collection society.


Our transactions are based on smart contracts – code-based contracts that are activated by a given procedure and validated by all other computers on the network. Content owners are able to program a set of smart contracts around different usage policies for their creations. When another user wants to consume or repurpose this content, they select the appropriate usage policy for them, and then instantly reward the creator through the smart contract they've selected. Because cryptocurrency is a principal application of blockchain, these payments are dispensed automatically and instantaneously at a near-zero cost.

Empowering creators

ImaginitTV creates a direct consumer-to-creator network, where consumers interact directly with creators and have direct access to their content. This removes intermediaries like Netflix and YouTube from the content distribution and rights management process, shifting financial upside to creators. The use of cryptocurrency also circumvents third-party payment processors and their collecting of a transaction fee.’

Paraphrased from: Business Insider, Sep 6, 2016


Be Equipped For The New World


*Mentors *Entrepreneurs *Investors *Changemakers Join us in MR:VR and Teach & Learn exactly what you want when you want.

Enter a living “UNIVERCITY™,” engage in open learning around topics that matter to you in the environment of your choice, Speakers / Authors teach their courses, Foundations, Institutions, Universities host courses, lectures, meetings.

Earn and Learn using Lava, the currentC of Imaginit TV's UniverCity.
You have a special skill, a dream, an enterprise needing support. You want to share your knowledge and gifts with a large audience. UniverCity provides your platform for teaching, learning and earning (Lava).

Imaginit TV - Reality TV at its best: viewing rooms so anyone can see what's happening in real-time (if the project is deemed publicly accessible during the process).

Courses include:

Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, MR:VR / AR, App Dev, Music, MR:VR Filmmaking, health, quantum physics/mechanics, spirituality, epigenetics.

* Global Think Tank / Socratic style delivery *

 We have basic processes that we funnel Courses through. Our Members bring subject matter expertise, we supply the format for open learning in MR:VR.

 All interactions and transactions engage Lava. The currentC of ImaginitTV.

Our 8 Global Priorities

Uniting global citizens with a mission to solve global challenges (

Distributing resources and knowledge to promote and spread innovative ideas.

Providing new models of open learning and access to quality education for all.

Looking for and exploiting alternative sources of energy that are both green and sustainable.

Creating sustainably. Providing a future for our environment so there is an environment for our future.

Providing safe drinking water and affordable healthy food for all.

Freedom to express and share ideas. Freedom from all forms of poverty.

» Improving the physical and mental well-being of all.

» Creating judicial systems that are accessible, fair and transparent. Justice. Truth.


Imaginit TV is a new global immersive communication network – the first of its kind – offered in mixed reality, including virtual reality. We are beginning with a worldwide think tank at our UniverCity, where people collaborate on issues in a mixed-reality environment.
Businesses and educational institutions have the opportunity to become part of the MR:VR evolution, seamlessly bringing members together for open communication and depth of interactions and activities.

This is social MR:VR at its best – your "LAVATAR" is lifelike and takes you places you could never have even dreamed possible.

Our goal is to raise funds for this revolutionary communication platform through our token generating event, with the token called LAVA.
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