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LAVA Membership

We believe in the power of people to build a better world.
We believe in the promise of cryptocurrency to transfer funds without borders swiftly and seamlessly.
We believe in supporting our entrepreneurs with every transaction we make.


  • Unleash the power of Cryptocurrencies to increase your wealth.
  • Easy, accessible access to trade and spend in fiat.
  • Safe, secure and widely accepted Community Card.
  • Use our Community Card as a positive balance card for all your everyday purchases.
  • Instant reload with a tap on our App.
  • Support our Member Entrepreneurs who are implementing solutions for a better world as a percentage of each transaction fee is invested back into our Member's projects.
  • On our app: option to quickly swipe through the Member Profiles learning about projects and people that are making a positive impact through entrepreneurship. Vote by tapping on projects that align with your interests and values.

Our management team vets crowdsourced voted projects and invests in winners.
LAVA Token is backed by our equity stake in a diverse portfolio of businesses.  

Investments Under Current Consideration:
BioTech, Agriculture Technology/Products (nonGMO/Organic), Health,
Anti-Aging & Wellness Products, Movies/Film, VR/MR, Gaming, Gold and Real Estate

LAVA Community Card

One card to rule them all. One app to buy, exchange, send, track crypto, and more. Plus spend multiple currencies anywhere using the LAVA Community Card.  Buy, spend and exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies, plus our stable coin (LAVA). 

Access and manage your funds, and spend with the LAVA Community Card anytime, anywhere at point-of-sale and e-commerce.


Top up with a bank transfer, debit or credit card, or crypto.
Buy crypto with fiat wallet or with a credit card.


Real-time Interbank exchange rates with 5-8% savings versus high street banks.
No additional fees for crypto to crypto exchange.


Send crypto & fiat currencies to LAVA wallet users instantly without fees.
Withdraw crypto to external wallet addresses with a small fixed fee.

Track Coins

Monitor 200+ coins at your fingertips. Prices, volume, market cap, % change and more

The Smart Way To Get Into Cryptocurrency

• Build your crypto portfolio in minutes.
• Automated buying and selling.
• No management, entry, or exit fees.

Start investing in minutes

• Low minimum starting investment ($20 USD).
• Diversified and managed based on your personal preference.
• Build a personalized portfolio effortlessly.
• Deposit funds by credit/debit card or Bitcoin.

Why Crypto Invest?

• Cash out at any time.
• No crypto experience required.
• Buying and selling happens automatically.
• Fees are only taken from profit, not your pocket.

LAVA Member Card

Revenue Projections

Lava Card Revenue 2% Fee Lava Card Revenue 2.5% Fee

LAVA built on Syscoin Assets White Paper




potential alliance with GENGlobal

Gen Global Entrepreneurship Network
160 Countries : 10 Million People : 20,000 Partners



Lava Fund is strategically aligned with IMAGINIT TV.

*delivering above average returns for our Members 


Tracks the performance of a list of selected tokens by our management team. The evaluation of selecting a token into our index fund is mainly determined by the development of its technology, market capitalization, and market liquidity. 

We evaluate the ESG factors (environmental, social and governance) as well as: sustainable long term growth, conservative use of capital, effective and aligned management, value (rewards for risks taken), and operating efficiency and profitability. The goal is to provide investors with a transparent benchmark in this new asset class.



Using social intelligence data and proprietary metrics for real time trading, our arbitrage on cryptocurrencies and upcoming blockchain based companies provides our investors with above average returns.

We have multiple-alpha generating strategies blended together to diversify away from risk and we deploy capital among our various styles according to micro changes in market conditions.

Our Team of analysts provide moment by moment data to give us an agile edge in this burgeoning marketplace. 

Management Fees: 1.5% | Performance Fees: 18%



Utilizing $3,000,000 of fund assets the following results were achieved:

Bitcoin Trades

*Disclaimer: past performance may not indicate future results


Partnered with Developers and Real Estate Companies Globally

Projects include but aren’t limited to: rezoning, land assemblies, residential and commercial developments.

20% of our Portfolio benefits from the stable and consistent real estate returns.

Return on Equity above 17 - 25% | IRR: 18 – 20% range.


Why Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies Now?

Isn’t “Bitcoin” a Bubble?

Despite prevailing the bear market in cryptocurrency, the company has an optimistic long-term view of the industry. Wenger said: 

“Investors are rationally pouring a lot of money into this sector, because I think people are seeing the winning blockchain here might be worth a trillion, or a couple of trillion dollars. It’s not at all crazy to think that.” 

According to Bloomberg, Andreessen Horowitz has formed a new crypto fund, that will invest in a range of companies from blockchain projects to initial coin offerings (ICOs). All crypto deals by the firm will be reportedly conducted from this fund. The venture capital firm had already invested about $100 million in digital currency in its last fund. Chris Dixon, a general partner at the fund, said:

“We’re excited to have a fund focused on this, with the flexibility to let us make the investments we want to make. The inflow of entrepreneurs has dramatically increased over the past year.” 

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised more money in the first three months of 2018 than the whole of 2017, according to data collected by CoinDesk. 

At $6.3 billion, ICO funding in the first quarter is now 118 percent of the total for 2017. 

Total: $2,800,000,000+

Total Number of ICOs: 70+

Top 10 ICOs of 2018

  Project Total Raised
1 Telegram ICO (Pre-sale) $850,000,000
2 Huobi token $300,000,000
3 Envion $100,000,000
4 Neuromation $72,000,000
5 Crypterium $52,000,000
6 SwissBorg $50,000,000
7 Lendroid $48,000,000
8 iungo $46,000,000
9 Fusion $42,000,000
10  Bloom $41,000,000

ICOs by Category 2018

Communications 36.1% ($955,000,000)

Trading & Investing 18.8% ($502,400,000)

Finance 13.2% ($348,000,000)

Payments 4.5% ($116,000,000)

Commerce & Advertising 3.9% ($106,000,000)

Mining 3.8% ($100,000,000)

Drugs & Healthcare 3.5% ($90,000,000)

Machine Learning & AI 3.3% ($86,000,000)

Energy & Utilities 2.1% ($59,000,000)

Data Analytics 2.0% ($57,000,000)

Infrastructure 1.9% ($51,000,000)

Compliance & Security 1.4% ($39,000,000)

Data Storage 1.1% ($29,000,000)

Supply & Logistics 1.0% ($27,500,000)

Other 3.4% ($88,000,000)

Pie Chart


Global Harmony

The currentC of Imaginit TV

Create, curate, contribute and collaborate in UniverCity and virtual worlds with LAVA, the token of Imaginit TV. LAVA allows for seamless activity in the MR:VR worlds and ease of content creation, contributions, and collaborations. It can be gifted, received, shared, and used as contributions toward entrepreneurial ventures within worlds and those that extend outside of MR:VR worlds as agreed upon by parties involved.

This new cryptocurrency BlockChain application provides a LAVA ID for members of our MR:VR community that gives a social score. It enables advertisers and businesses to contract directly with our members for assets (logos, videos, product placements) within the worlds they create and socialize in social MR:VR.

How to Use LAVA:

  • Partake in Activities within Imaginit TV's MR:VR Worlds
  • Purchase "Land" within a MR:VR World in Which a Member Can Build Their Own Virtual World, Showcase Their Creations, or Partake in Activities — While at the Same Time Retaining the Right to Earn Revenue in LAVA for Advertising within That World
  • Gift to or Share with Other LAVA Users, Associated LAVA Enterprises (Startups), & Imaginit TV Media
  • Granted by the Receiver for the Value Received in the Following Three Categories:
    • Contribution — LAVA or Crowdsourced Wisdom, Knowledge, or Information
    • Creation — Any Publication, Art Form, Visual, Poetry, Prose, Books, Music, & Work of the Hands or Mind
    • Communication — Social Media Reach, Influence, Connections Made, Professional Introductions Made, Collaborations Initiated


Imagine the strength, fire, and power contained within lava. In its solid state, lava is said to be a stone of courage that gives people stability as they go through changes in their lives. When you need fire or energy in your life, engage LAVA in our virtual worlds. LAVA is considered a good tool for grounding and protection, helping us connect to the earth. It also allows us to root scattered energy and find focus and balance.

LAVA forms the New Earth that we can be a part of when we create, contribute, and combine our skills, talents, and enterprises for global harmony.

Member Benefits

Integrative Messaging to reach your desired audience:

At our Token Generating Event, token buyers will receive a “membership” to Imaginit TV. The first member benefit is your Message Block (which equates to a block of advertising). As of now, it represents future value; as our user base grows, the value of that block will increase (think from a small audience to the prices advertisers pay for the SuperBowl exposure). So with a large active user base, you can expect your Message Block to increase in value. This Message Block is yours in perpetuity. As Imaginit TV develops, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional message blocks using Lava.

Your Message Block can be in the form of a video, hyperlink, product placement, embedded message or another form of advertising. What makes Imaginit TV so unique is that your Message will be placed in the Portal that your intended audience spends the most time in. So your Message will be present in an immersive experience for the duration of the time our members are active. Our algorithm and advertising model enable us to be precise in reaching the demographic your message needs to reach.

For our members, this advertising is not disruptive or intrusive but actually Welcomed!

Your Token gives you access to the people you want to reach!

Advertising & Marketing within Virtual Worlds

Advertising will be conducted in the virtual world or portal that is owned by a member through the exploitation of street signs, billboards, bus benches, building names, product placement, or any other creative way a member can think of to display a name, logo, video, or other messaging.

Advertisers and businesses that wish to leverage LAVA ID will be able to receive an individual member's LAVA Media Card, which details their social media and other influences according to the LAVA algorithm.

That is then used to reach an agreement of messaging through either the member's social media accounts or/and any other means they have of distributing the advertiser's message. All advertising revenue is shared with our membership.

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