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 Joy Case
 Blockchain Consultant

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  Blockchain, Crypto,
  Hiking, Singing, Travel
Smart Contract Developers
  Global Priorities:
Education, Environment
  Token Generating Event
  Feb. 28, 2019
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  Sept. 10, 2018 @ 3 p.m.
  Global Think Tank Topic

  Leadership in a
  Decentralized World

Rainbow Globe


Engage in mindful, respectful dialogue with inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs solving challenges in the 8 Global Priorities of an Idea Nation.

8 X 8 X 8

8 Minutes  *  8 people  *  8 Global Priorities  

Group Meeting


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  • Our AI Algorithm knows your profile (needs, wants, goals) and will prioritize certain people you want to converse with. AI Algorithm increases the specificity of people to meet. It matchmakes needs, ideas, requirements, (8 global priorities), based on Member's Profiles. Tagging of convos helps guide the next convo & gets the most well-suited people in the PORTAL room for the Global Think Tank conversation.
  • Each time a group of 8 meets, they interact for about 8 minutes in a "round robin" Socratic style conversation led by a Moderator. The Moderator can call a ThinkTank to start and invite others. Members will be notified via text message.
  • The algorithm helps the Mod by inviting others based on profiling plus Mod can import from LinkedIN, FB, Twitter Instagram & other SM sites (Telegram, What's APP etc). 3 "buttons": vote a project of discussion up or down, vote to 'crowdfund' which means allotting a certain amount of the Crypto to that project (if desired), request someone leave the room if totally inappropriate or off-topic.
  • Privacy settings can allow for private meetings of GTT or publicly available sessions. Onlookers who aren't part of the 8 can interact if the Mod allows by chat box only. In chat box, onlookers can TAG so the algorithm may pick them up for a next GTT convo that meets their interest.
  • In any room, you can go off and surf the net to show documents, videos, websites etc. to support the discussion while in VR:MR. Algorithm auto-populates messaging. That means if the right demographic is present in the room or as onlookers, the message will display (including but not limited to: in the form of billboard, poster on wall, product placement, video on the TV screen in the lounge etc; whatever works to display a message 'naturally' in that given room).
  • We have Crowdsourced Ratings for the quality of interactions in the Global Think Tank.