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About ImAginit TV

Teach, Earn & Learn

For entrepreneurs interested in solving worldwide challenges, ImaginitTV provides MR:VR rooms, spaces, activities to encourage networking, engagement in meaningful dialogue/discussions, planning sessions, and sharing (videos, talks, materials, etc.). We also host summits and related events. For individuals seeking to enter MR:VR portals and become better humans, we offer MR:VR experiences to engage the imagination, overcome obstacles, and learn skills. Additionally, members are able to host spaces, lead activities, and enjoy our revenue-sharing program.

Portals You Can Explore


Poet's Café™

Choose a lounge for participating in "spoken word."

Golf Course

Pitch'n Putt™

Investors and entrepreneurs meet on the golf course.

Sports Equipment

Good Sports™

Pros meet with wannabes to coach their sport.

Pool Table

Game Rooms

Raise funds for charities by playing a game like chess, crib, darts, or pool.

Family Reunion

Family Reunions

You can't be there physically but enjoy from a laptop or TV screen in MR:VR.

Speaker at a Conference

Speaker Circuit

Listen to your favorite speaker at an event that might not be in your budget or located outside of your geographic area or time constraints.

Group Meeting

Global Think Tank™

Engage in mindful, respectful dialogue with inventors, innovators, and social entrepreneurs solving challenges in the 8 Global Priorities of Idea Nation.

Thumbs Up

CrowdFun Theatre™

Enter the crowdfunding/entrepreneur theatre, a grand, large outdoor screen, or watch a Crowdfunding video. Vote crowdfunders' projects up or down, invest or contribute in real time, ask the host questions about their project, or watch Fundit TV news and pitch videos.

Business Men in Suits


Be paired up with a mentor for personal, business, or spiritual advice and do an activity together, or sit and chat in a private, quiet lounge.

Imaginit TV CONCIERGE™ — What Would You Like To Experience?




Performing in Front of a Large Audience


Building New Neuropathways


Travel to Another City or Country in MR:VR

Teacher with Chalkboard

Brain Training

Super Mom and Super Daughter

Becoming Who You Want to Be

Mt. Everest

Conquering Mt. Everest

Speed of Light

Travelling at the Speed of Light


Visiting Other Planets

Man Playing Guitar

Playing an Instrument


Being the Star of Your Own Show

Mixed Reality

Work in Mixed Reality with Holograms

"Everything you can imagine is real."

— Pablo Picasso

Physical Presence: Tune Into ImaginitTV
"WhereEver You Are MR:VR" - MR:VR Bar / MR:VR Fit

A World of Virtual Communities

  • Exchange ideas within private meeting spaces that are fed into the collective public experience should participants agree.
  • Select a domain from a Menu of Portals, or you can elect to be alerted via SMS according to your profile and permissions.
  • ImaginitTV is accessible by all hardware: Rift, HTC Vive, and PS4 for immersive MR:VR, and Google Cardboard along with other MR:VR goggles. When a portal becomes full or has reached an allocated cutoff time, participants are able to observe — similar to
  • The platform is a deeply encrypted portal in a closed system with security ensuring rights of privacy, content ownership, and safety.
  • Content creators (individuals and members of a group) will have ownership over their content.
  • Within our formula, content creators that garner advertising and sponsorship will be paid in LAVA. For example, a poet could conceivably earn an income stream from our platform.
  • Users can be "in the room" with famous people, their heroes, and people they have been eager to meet who might be out of their reach, as well as friends and relatives.
  • Users can also be matched with others who meet their needs, such as an intended audience, a MR:VC/Angel investor, a friend with similar interests, and others who lend resources to a cause.


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